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Keith’s Trophy Fishn:
Andy Pappa’s Vicious Fishing:
John Andersons Ottawa River Muskie Factory :
Andrew Klassen’s Canadian Guide Service


Clubs and Organizations:


Muskies Canada:
Muskies Inc:
Canadian Esox Association –



Fishing Forums:


Ontario Fishing Network (OFN):
Fish Hawk.Net:

Suppliers for Huskie Muskie Leaders:


Ande Products:
Malin Wire:
Anglers Centre:
American Fishing Wire/Hi Seas/Triple Fish:

Canadian Muskie Bait Makers:


Handlebarz Lures:
Beaver Lures – Tel: 705-775-3198
Dog River Lodge Bait Company:
Woodie Baits: email  –
Bare Bones Baits:  –
Bondy Baits:
Brett’s Baits:
Franky Baits
Water Wolf Lures:
Dadson Blade Baits:



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The Noble Beast Project:


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